Ready-made documents with legal support

You get more than a template. We help you understand the document, by walking through it and discussing about where, when and how to use it

Ready-made documents

Each document comes with a summary and explanations. These help you translate from legalese to human language.

Legal support

You get help in understanding the ready-made document you receive.

Our legal support package is included with each ready-made document you purchase.

Terms and conditions

  • This is the contract between you and your clients or users.

  • Useful if you sell your products (physical or digital) exclusively online.

  • You get a structured and easy-to-read document that includes a description of how your product works, your rights and obligations between, return policies and many more.

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Employment agreement

  • Adapted to the most recent versions of applicable laws - it contains telework and data privacy provisions.
  • It helps you protect your confidential information and intellectual property.
  • With guidelines so that you and your employee can both know what you agree on.
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Services agreement

  • Needed when you hire a freelancer or an agency.

  • You get a clear set of rights and obligations for both sides, payment terms, working procedure, intellectual property and personal data clauses.

  • With guidelines about most relevant clauses and things you can negotiate on.

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Non-disclosure agreement

  • Best used during your product development or sales, pilot project or free demo.

  • Helps protect confidential data before am agreement.

  • Start implementing projects faster while everybody knows what information is protected, how and for how long.

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