Tailored help
for your legal need

This means documents that we draft or negotiate, sessions of legal strategy, or acting as advisors for a deal or your entire company

Startup investments

Helping you partner with investors

  • Assistance in every stage, from termsheet to the final investment documents.
  • Unlimited support in explaining, reviewing and implementing changes to documents.
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Other deals

Covering other parts of your business lifecycle

  • Selling your company, a business line or an asset or buying a stake in another company.

  • Starting a partnership with another company for a new project.

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Operate your business

Protect your Work

Intellectual property (IP)

  • Securing IP for your project.
  • Registering and opposing trademarks.
  • Selling or licensing your IP.

Comply with GDPR

Personal data protection

  • Company and product audits
  • Privacy policies
  • Other data processing documents

Hire / sell


  • Onboarding your team
  • Providing your services to clients
  • Distributing your product to users

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For each project we usually propose a fixed budget before staring to work.

So you are aware of the final cost from the beginning.

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This is still an underserved niche. Technology entrepreneurs are more inclined to work with lawyers remotely. We love getting a glimpse of the future. Here are just 3 reasons.